Reasons why Running will Always be a Major Key to a Healthy Living

Running is basically one of the most popular exercise routine that anyone can perform that offers a lot of health benefits. Runners are differentiated into three types and the most common one is the runner that runs because the person just likes running. There are also runners that run because they know how beneficial it is for their health and the third type of runner is the one that does it professionally because of sports. But regardless of your reason why you are running, you need to have one thing in common and that is consistency so that you will maximize the benefits of running.

Losing weight is always the first reason to those who want to engage in running. Losing weight is only achieved if you are running consistently and combine it with a healthy diet. Studies even show that running can really help lose your weight by burning an average calorie of 100 per 1 mile of running. You don’t even have to worry on how and where to do it because running can be done anytime and anywhere you want it to for as long as you have running shoes. We all need an average of 2000 calories to burn on a daily basis and to achieve that, running will always be a good option to help burn the fact and must be combined with a customized diet. If you already feel you are overweight, might as well start running.

Aside from losing weight, you can also benefit from running by having a good mental health. Running for a period of time now will actually give you a pleasure that makes you more relax and you can think positively, too. During running, the endorphin hormones and other hormones are released. It is studied that people who love intense activity can actually get euphoria or for some, they call it, “runner’s high”. These are the hormones that cause people to become energized and motivated thus, helping lower the feeling of pain and stress. According to studies, people who love running are most likely more optimistic in dealing with some conditions like depression. It is actually countless benefits to your mental health if you are running often.

If you want to improve your cardiovascular health status, running is one of the best options to do. Heart diseases are considered to be the deadliest condition in the world that has claimed many lives, so for you to lower your blood pressure and maintain your arteries, you need to start running. Your arteries become more elastic if you run often compared to those who don’t.

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