Any person that owns and uses a computer knows that there are tools that effectively increase usage. In that regard, colorado springs website management is no different. Indeed, there have been more security breaches discovered and corrected in the past year than in the previous 10. As a result of this small addition, each business computer that has website management will be able to use security software (antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc.) and will be updated regularly, sometimes transparently. Your browser will also be updated (version changes).

A website linked to a database runs similar risks:

  • The hosting of a website can be hacked (which can lead to the deletion of the site, the massive sending of spam…)
  • A company may see their WordPress installation infected (which can lead to the distribution of malicious programs to users, the banning of the site by Google…)
  • A company’s administrative interface can be hacked (which can lead to the deletion of their user account, the addition or removal of content…)

WordPress is updated regularly! Certain WordPress components may even allow certain automatic installation of WordPress updates, but this tool does not work very well yet and users may end up with several versions of delay, exposed in particular to the dangers above. These updates must, therefore, be done so manually, mainly for more reliability.

What should be updated? There are several components on a WordPress website to be concerned with. For instance, basic files are similar to those on any operating system. They are updated every four to six weeks approximately. About two times out of three, the update concerns security vulnerabilities. The third time, this one concerns an improvement of the tool (design, functionalities, and so on) intended to improve its performance. There is a button in the administration interface, allowing users to update WordPress with one click. But this button often crashes sites, especially if there are various extensions. As for the automatic update, this button is not reliable and the best solution is to perform the update yourself with the help of Colorado Springs website management professionals. There are other factors involved, so it is best to speak with a professional before starting a maintenance campaign.